Total: 50" Snowfall in Golden
We caught a Freshies Blizzard Snow Gnome
in the back yard!
Max watches Dad @ work, saying:
I didn't know the old man had it in him!
Dad & Max watch Mom shovel the drive
Bailey surfs the snow
BilFish finds more trees to brush snow off
A break in the action
BilFish's new fence withstands the onslaught
or, Mom takes an "artsy" snow picture
Bailey goes on another snowball hunt
a.k.a. A needle in a haystack?
No Mail today!
Mom & Max watch
Dad & dog workin' hard

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The Great Blizzard of '03…
March 18-20

Ahhh, just think, in 50 years, we'll be able to say we lived through the Big One!

Yep, Golden, Colorado, known as the beginning of the Foothills of the Rockies by local weather forecaster, officially received its share of upslope snow (upslop?) - 50.5" of snow - and made this the snowiest March on record. And, while it didn't snow much more than 1 inch per hour, it didn't snow much less than an inch per hour either.

On the first full day of the storm (Tuesday, March 18th) there were grumblings about lack of snow plowing for the cul-de-sac street right away. Ultimately, plows came through Tuesday afternoon and then again on Thursday. Watching the news, it was interesting to see Denver City Leaders abandoning their neighborhoods, saying these folks would just have to "melt it out."

Perhaps small town living has more advantages than we thought!

Thursday the 20th of March was the first (impromptu) block party of the season for Canyon Point. People came together, bringing snow blowers and shovels. Lynn and Barb offered to BBQ if we could find their grill… And a few beers were surreptitiously handed out to ensure extra care in clearing some driveways.

While adults were getting their exercise (equivalent to running at about 8 m.p.h. according to the Golden Rec Center), neighborhood pets and kids were cavorting about and generally enjoying the first blizzard of the new Millennium. Good Neighbor Boyd noted that very short legs created for some cautious quality time for his little dogs…

For the next blizzard, I'm proposing to build Golden's largest snowman in front of Mike and Debbie's house, if the city snow plows don't beat us to the punch!


Reporting from Golden